Do you need a math in communication department?

Many people have their gift in doing many subjects. It seems so easy how to handle the math, the physics, chemistry, and they still understand about language and science. We called it genius. These people are not difficult to look what department they want to go in the college.

But not everyone have that lucky. Some of us are choosing in the senior high school. What is your preference’s study? Mathematics? Language? Art? Because this is helps you in the college. You just choose the social department to avoid the science lesson. Or the opposite, you can choose the exact department to avoid about art and language.

Even though you are in economic department, there’s a few basic study you have to learn. Mathematics and physics. This study helps you to do the case study in the last semester. When there’s a number you have to count about price, about the theme in your final project. Who can help you in math questions? Because they just doing this study in first or the second semester. Just like physics help, because it’s not everyone understand about this lesson.

It’s the same problem when you choose the architecture department. You can’t avoid the geometry. Who will helps you understand about sinus, cosinus, tangen? Some people choosing this department because they love to drawing. But when you want to convert the building in to the paperwork, you need a geometry help and knowledge about prime numbers. This help you understand about perspective, how to count the scale and draw it in the right proportional.

In this industry era, many people don’t think that the chemistry department is great subject to learn. It’s a great future there, when you can join the medicine industry, mine industry, or you can also have a great career in the bank. How come? Yes, because in the chemistry department you will have a lot of lesson subject about mathematics. Maybe you will need chemistry homework help to understand about action and reaction. One thing you have to accept is you will meet with so many unsure in your life. Zinc, gold, ferrum, and the others. Sometimes you need Chemistry help to understand about the chemical react in this unsure.

Whatever department you choose, it depends on your favorite subject. Well, we have to study with no regrets, right? But it’s okay too if you hate several subject in your department, because you can find a helps in the library or in the internet. Have a great study!

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