Web Hosting and afters sales services

I still remember when take the marketing study at the college. There are a lot of rules about how to be a great marketer. All that stuff is you have to study about 4 months, with different case every week. It’s about how to make you though and understand the deal. It’s not just about business, but also about relationship to the customer.

When you think the relation is ended when someone is buy something from you, it’s not true. One of the basic rules that someone can easily forget is about after sales. How about the guarantee? How often you see the costumer after buying your stuff? Not every company can do that.

Why this became important? When you have a business in the internet era, than trusty is the key. Especially when your stuff is something that people can’t see. Like webhosting. Is it possible to trust the company or the person? The answer is yes. When you can do the after sales is answering people question about your product. I remember when some of my friends, having this problem.

He created an account where he installed SPIP with great difficulty. His finally (but not even sure that the installation is done correctly so it was buggy). When he goes to his website, they ask him the link to the database to continue the installation of SPIP. He have error message:

"The connection to the database failed."

And you can imagine, my friend is not waiting even for 24 hours. He immediately found in his email, how to solve the problems. Sure, the company have a great after sales service. When you talk about web hosting. Who knows someone is a loyal customer. This is the value which not ever company have it. The after sales is also included about web hosting news, about the new product or about the maintenance.

If you’re looking for web hosting provider which can gave you guarantee, you have to see the after sales services. Is it worth it to buy or not. Later than tomorrow you’ll be regret about your choice.