Woman and their sixth sense of clothes

I always adore woman and their sense of fashion. Maybe it's natural gift for them? Woman always know how to mix and match. Using the right color and the right size.

At this time we can't say work at the office just for man only. Nowadays the woman have a same position with the man. And that's why almost woman have their own suit. To handle a meeting with the client, to assign a task, and doing a lot more. Of course the clothes are comfortable and fashionable also.

Even though the pressure is same, woman can do the job like man do. After work hour, woman still have some time to spent their time with friends. I know it sound ridiculous, but it seems woman have their own sense about their suit. So they don't get bother if they have to go to the party after work hour. They always have a second clothes, and they always great! Woman can use it for works and use it too for the party.

In the weekend, woman know how to enjoy the time. Off course with using the right clothes too. Woman always know what to wear when try want to go the mall, playing with the children in the park, or just a little gossip time with the others. Woman's key is just one. Using the right clothes at the right time.

Now I know how they can spend a lot of time just to choose what they want to wear. It makes them more beautiful.

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