Fashion statement : have you choosing the right color?

One of the biggest problem for a man is choosing the suit for themself. This is important, because you are what you wear. For an example, you are a bank account. You must wear a shirt and a tie every day.

This is not a simple problem for a man. Sometimes we didn’t care about the color between the shirt and the tie. Or even with the pants! Using a blue shirt with the red tie, or using the brown pants with the green shirt. This is a nightmare. And how to fix the problem?

First, if you don’t have a girlfriend, than ask a help from your sister. Women always know how to get the right suit or the right tie for us. The reason is because we looking a shirt which comfortable with us. For women, not only comfortable, but a shirt must be eye catchy. Not only about the material, it’s also about the color, the style, even the details. So other people didn’t boring to stare at you. Just one problem when you go to mall with your girlfriend or your sister, they took a long time just for looking around! I know this is the hard part, but for your own sake just do it. So you can find the right color or the right style for you.

Second, go to your room and see what color from your room is the dominant. People say what the color from your room is the dominant color from your life. If you choosing white, you must be a simple man. If you have a grey color, than you are modern man. But don’t think that white is your color then you use white color from shirt, tie, even the pants! Nope. This is just the basic color! You can buy a white shirt and choosing the maroon tie with the black pants. Sometimes you must see the designers too. Because they mix a different color with their suit. There’s a broken white, a white sky, there’s a lot of combination color. With a different style too. You feel comfort with your suit and the other people is also comfort when they near you.

The last thing you must care is about the weather. Is it a spring, winter, or the rainy season. Why this is important? You can’t wear a dark suit in the spring or in the summer. That’s too weird. The color that you can use in the spring is the bright color and chose the right material. If you are spending your time with your family, you can use the cargo pants with the brown color and white t-shirt. You can use it as a dress code for the summer with all family member. In the winter or the rainy season you must use a little bit dark color such as broken maroon, dark brown, even black. You must have a coat, a scarf with the same color too. So you didn’t get a difficult when you want to use it.

So, I hope there’s no more problem with the suit or the pants that you want to wear. Wherever you go, whatever the time, you can find your own color in your own suit.

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