What is your dream car?

Yeah, I perceive this is the average of 2009. Some of my resolution is already done. From work, friends, family. Sometimes the resolution is not traveling well. At diminutive I try my best. And plan my plan one by one.

There’s one plan that I just can imagine. I ambition my dream car. A lamborghini. Why I declared is just a dream? It’s not simple to get it, even plan for 20 years. Maybe I can get it, with a jackpot from coffer maybe. Or maybe I can use the 2010 mercedes benz for my next resolutions? Well, about it just a plan. I still remember how's my father always told me that a guy must have their own car. With their own money. Why was that important? Because when you decide to have your own car, it means you already know about the oil, the engine, how to fix you car when it's broken.

One alternative that you can buy is a hybrid car. Why? This is the next big thing in the world. Because the global warming is became more dangerous. Nowadays in each country we can see all the government says we must reduce the pollution. I Have read the hybrid car review, and it sounds good. You can use it as your daily car without worry about the pollution.

So how about your dream car? Is it just to be dream? Just wake up and chasing that dream!

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