Raise your concentrate with playing golf

Sounds ridiculous? Maybe yes, maybe now. There’s a lot of kind sports that can help you raise the concentrate. For example playing chess or golf. You don’t have to go anywhere. Just sit with one of your friends, and begin the brain war. Some people say this is dumb, but trust me, the chess player always great in strategic game.

Golf is one kind of sports that can help you more concentrate too. Because I can’t playing chess. So I just go the golf field, bring the clubs, grab your bag, and enjoy the sun. I have a lot of fun here, to see the grass, enjoy the laugh, and talk to a lot of friends.

Next question is, how the golf can help you more concentrate? First you must carefully with your first hit. It helps you to find the hole. The more you concentrate, the skill and the power is become one. You didn’t listen for anyone just focus to the hole.

And you must know the calculation from hole to hole. So you didn’t get tired so soon. You know when you have to boost your power, and the time you play slow.

One things that you must remember is prepare your shoes and shirt. Because you’re going to be under the sun for all day long. Always using the sun block too. It’s not funny when you can raise your concentrate with playing golf, and then you got faint because the sun heat.

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