Is it a nightmare for a deaf person?

It’s amazing to think how an ear can recognize so many sounds in this world. Is it a music, a ring bell, people’s talking, or even a foot step. Can you imagine living in this world without hearing any sounds? For some people, it can be so worst, a deaf person can explain it to you. But now there's a Cochlear Implant that can helps the deaf person.

So is it there’s a second chance for them which having the ear problem or deaf? Of course this hope is can be real. You can see it that so many discussion in the university, hospital, or even in the internet that the second chance can be a miracle.

Over 100 years ago, this is an impossible. The human technology is not able to make a scheme or even a medicine which can help the deaf person to hear again. After 1950, Djourno and Eyriès which make the “bionic ears” can be real. They make a clinic that can help the deaf person. And make Cochlear Implant Surgery becoming real.

How this thing is work? Of course you will need this things. A microphone to catch the sound from the environment, a speech processor, a transmitter, a receiver, and a simulator, and an electrode array. It works like a telephone scheme, but the different is, it helps you guide the voice or the sound from the environment to your brain.

You can see that this miracle can be trusted and become the solution for they which have the hearings problem. With Cochlear Implants, from 2002, there’s 49. 000 peoples around the world which have this procedure and help them to hear again. And in 2008, this number is getting bigger and become 150. 000 people around the world. You can see the security of the procedure is getting better to avoid the risk and people are helped using this technology.

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