I’m a philatelist, what about you?

It always fun to see someone chasing their hobbies. Because from a hobby, someone get success from it. Alicia keys is a singer, she get her dream because she usually sing at the church. It’s not an impossible someone get a success just because their hobbies.

There’s a lot of success person that we can see as a example. The question is, what is your hobby? Of course you can’t be like Alicia Keys if you didn’t like to sing. You can’t be like Bill Gates if you didn’t like the internet.

A lot of people think they are Indiana Jones. Find a lot of bullion. Hey! It’s just a movie! Nowadays where you can find a lot of free gold? Or you are a rich man and buy gold for your collection. But this is not a movie, you can start your own hobby with one single thing.

My father always told me to find my own hobby. Nowadays I start to collect the stamps. I want to be a philatelist. Because nowadays it’s hard to see someone going to the post office. I hope someday my collection is going bigger and bigger. The more oldest your stamps of course the value is getting bigger too.

Beside the stamps, you can collect a gold bullion as your collection. I know it’s not easy, but hey, little by little, the more they get bigger. Maybe someday you can buy gold bullion from your money. There’s no one now what gonna happen for tomorrow, so start your hobbies right now and someday you’ll get the success from it!

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